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Wearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids PartyWearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids PartyWearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids PartyWearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids PartyWearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids PartyWearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids Party

Wearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids Party

  • Brand:Lisaurus
  • Product name:Wearable Stilts LED Transformers Robot Costumes For Family Kids Party
  • Material: mainly EVA,led lights etc.
  • Weight:Net weight is 15kg,gross weight around 25kg for one piece
  • Standard size: 5.7-6.1 feet(1.75-1.85m) height,132-176 pound(60-80kg)weight performer or individually                
  • Color: Characters original style in Movies or customized
  • Package:wooden case
  • Delivery time:7-10 days as regular
  • Certificate: CE & RoHS from DEKRA Germany
  • Application:wearable led robot costumes are widely used in many kinds of events such as Halloween,Comic-Con,cosplayer shows,amusement park,family and kids party,night club,stage performance,wedding or other fancy dress.
Background of wearable led robot costumes  
Do you want to make unique family party or kids party?The Transformers concept is a wonderful idea for such event, for individuals or for a group.LED robot costumes make your party even more fun because they are entirely different from the conventional attire.You can transform into your favorite Autobot characters.

Products show: 

High quality EVA foam materials, custom fit to your measurements, Hand made over 100 hours for this costume,just for you.

wearable led robot costumes

theatrical adult Halloween costume
wearable led transformers costumes
Transformers robot costumes

LED transformers costumes

2.5m customized wearable led robot costumes

Transformers led robot costumes
1 > Our costume standard size for 175-185cm height,60-80kg weight person.Also we can make it under your body size,more fit.
2 > Customized armor costume is popular and welcome for us.We can make such costume according to your pictures or add other functions as your requirements.


Transformers are such popular,there are so many people want to wear transformer robot costume for events,even Halloween.They are widely used for family and kids party.In Lisaurus, you will find so many wearble robot costume ideas for events.We are sure to offer the perfect dress for your party.

kids party robot costumes

wearable led robot costumes

LED lights transformers robot costume for night events

led robot costume

1.Highly customized for wearable led robot costumes
We can customize your drawings or ideas to make such costumes.
Make your imagine come true.
2.With high simulation degree:Focus on years of professional designers and workers, to make sure that at least more than 90% of the level of reduction.
3.Hand made:To make sure high simulation more than 90%,a lot of manual processes, creativity and uniqueness are 100% hand-made.
4.More reality:Compare to the traditional cosplay suits,our robot costumes will be more reality,will bring more attraction in performance.If you get them for hire,they will in higher rental.
5.Light and green material
High density EVA of 60 degree,environment-friendly material.
Easy to wear and fit well.

Packing and shipping:
››Our new wooden case package is strong enough for shipping.This kind of packing can protect our theatrical transformers costume from damages,we will cover the protective film and fill in the foam so that it can be damp-proof and waterproof.

wooden case package

Lisaurus culture:
Our company mission is to design and produce high quality life size armor costumes inspired from famous movies and games.We have a young but professional team in Lisaurus group,with more than 18 years producing experience in this market.Because of our professional designers,we can make highly customized costumes as your demands,make your any imagination come true!
We have dream with positive and aggressive attitude.We work for the same hobby in robot costume and dinosaur costumes or animatronic dinosaurs.We love our life and work harder to make the life more better.

Our Certificate:

More products or details,please be free to contact us.If you are interested in our products and need price,please inquiry.Thanks for your support.

Chengdu Junli Lisaurus Tech.co.,Ltd.


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