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Hot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suitHot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suit

Hot Sale Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume T-rex suit

  • Brand: Lisaurus
  • Product:Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume  T-rex suit
  • Material:high density sponge,stainless steel frame,environmental pigment etc
  • Weight:net weight is 23kgs around,gross weight is 175kgs around
  • Standard size: 175-185cm height, 60kg - 80kg weight performer or individually                  
  • Color:life size or customized
  • Package volume:2.45*1*1.15m (only for reference)
  • Delivery time:about 15-30 days or depend on order quantity.
  • Certainficate: CE & RoHS from DEKRA Germany
  • Transport way recommend: according to your demands
  • Application location:Events,shows,Jurassic,theme park,playground equipment model,kids party,night club,stage performance,wedding,school activities,outdoor & indoor venues.
  • Feature:environmental,chemical resistance,good flexibility,light weight,100% hand-made.
  • Is_customized: Yes


Dinosaur costume is made based on the real dinosaur,our designer ever digged many dinosaur fossil and work in ZiGong Dinosaur museum,it is one of  three largest museums sites in the world,Therefore he is very familiar with the dinosaur type,and body structures.ZiGong has another name called:dinosaur hometown,our factory is also located here.When you wear the realistic life size dinosaur costume,you can walk and make some movements with the dinosaur sound,just like a real dinosaur,it is widely used in events,parties,celebrations etc...Now follow me to walk into the dinosaur world.

Our Brand and Logo ”Lisaurus”

Our logo “Lisaurus” are combined with two rings, the yellow ring stands for disappear period: Jurassic period , the world of dinosaur. it warns us to cherish our period and protect the Earth. 

The green ring means our current period, the color is green, means Environmental Protection. As our all products materials are the environmental materials. They are not any harmful for body health.

Our aim is to become the first one which concern Environmental Protection and Quality service in the armor costumes industry.

Products Show:

Lisaurus DINOSAUR Superstar!

display walking dinosaur costume in museum Originated from the stunning theatrical event-Walking With Dinosaurs from BBC TV series,

Nowadays, Dinosaur costume show is becoming the one of the most famous show around the world.

Different from traditional dinosaur model and show, it’s more amazing and vivid to attract visitor and audience.



1.Our dinosaur costumes are all hand-made,we can DIY as your demands(such as the color,type,size and so on) on the producing process.

2.We use the environmental pigment and high density sponge,so it is no bad effect for people health.

3.We use the light stailess steel frame,the whole dinosaur weight will within 23 kg,of course,if you want lighter,just tell us,the lightest dinosaur which we ever made is 19kg.

4.We use the two line principle,so the movements when peole wear it will be more flexible and easy.


 L3.6-4m x H1.7-1.8m,


 Stainless steel frame + High elastic sponge + Non-poisonous silicon rubber


 1.Mouth open and close with synchronized roaring sound,


3.Head moving up and down, left to right,

4.Tail moving,

5.Body moving up and down, left to right.

Please contact us to check videos.

 Power/Control Mode

 110/220vac 50/60hz ,Control pole by hand,


1.Corresponding alive sound(we offer several sounds for one model),
2.Custom other sound.


Theme park, amusement park, dinosaur park, restaurant, business activities, real estate opening ceremony, dinosaur museum, dinosaur playground, shopping malls, educational equipment, festival exhibition, museum exhibits , playground equipment, theme park, amusement park, city plaza, landscape decoration, etc.


Manufacture, transportation assistance, installation, maintenance training, 2-5 years maintenance, design, life time technical support.etc.


1.Temperature: adapt to a temperature of -20° C to 40 ° C.

2.Weather: resist rain, sunspot, snow, storm, etc extreme weather.


The professional actor will wear the dinosaur costume for perform!

They can go anywhere and do any movement like an alive animal!

You can touch, embrace the dinosaur if you love them, just like your pet.


 Every costume can be made visble legs or Hidden legs.

 Visible legs costume is more flexible for performer

 Hidden legs costume is more realistic for the audience 

Packing and Shipping:

Packing : Special designed Air case / PE Bubble packing sheet / Depends on customer request. this air case is perfect for walking dinosaur costume T-rex suit packing.which can protect the costume during long time delivery , of course you can put dinosaur costume in this air case after you wear , in order to keep this costume fresh and clear.

Shipping :By sea -- any port in China (SHA,SZ,CQ) ; By air --- any international airport in China .

Clearance:  We are a very experienced dinosaur exporter. We have experience with clients from 


                       America,Brazil,Argentina,Peru,Korea, Japan,Thailand,Singapore.


Lightweight animatronic dinosaur suit walking dinosaur costume is very popular among our clients,we can customized as your demand and design because we have professional designer.They are excited get a such wonderful products and do many funny performances. you can try to think about if A man was seen walking around a park in a dinosaur costume,what does he can see and hear ? those people with standard size (170-185m in  height and 60-80kg in weight) for our High quality walking dinosaur costume T-rex suit will try it . we always get some good feedback from our users , it`s a good time for us to see these succceful cases , which makes our work  better and better . 

Welcome to Lisaurus:

Our company is focus on the armour costume of hot movies and dinosaur products,we have more than 18 year experience in this industry.We have a young but professional team in Lisaurus group,we are familar with this market and we all have strong confidence towards our company and products.

We are fighting with our dream with positive and aggressive attitude.We love our life and company as well as armour cstume,dinosaur costume and animatronic dinosaur!

Working hard and living in a happy life!

Our factory have a professional team and most of workers and technicists  have more than five years in this industry to produce the waling dinosaur and animatronic dinosaur products.Therefore we have proven technology and can make your design come true.In our factory,products quality is our bottom lines,we have a system quality control method and the quality test department.Your satisfaction is our biggest retribution.

Our Certificate:

All of Amusement park walking robotic raptor dinosaur costume in Lisaurus has certificate signed from Dekra Germany. we just want to supply our users with the high quality and trusted products with waterproof and healthy. people can 

wear it well as they want , because our designer and engineer can design and produce the costume totally as you want. 

Other Service. 

Mechanical Design  Poseture Deisgn  Exhibition layout design  Park layout design

On-site Installation: Our engineers could assist your set installation                     

Technical guidance :24*7 HRS on call

Customer Visit.


1. How about the dimension of the realistic dinsoaur costume?

      Re: Its carve length is about 4.2m,weight is around 23 kgs,best fit for 175cm - 185cm person to perform.If you want bigger size,please tell us your requirement,we can custom produce.

2. How long is the delivery time?

      Re: The delivery time is around 30 days or depend on your final order quantity.

3. How the performer can see outside through inside the dinosaur costume?

      Re: Here is a screen in front of the performer inside the costume , he can see the scene outside of the dino costume through it,also there are several invisible holes around the dino neck,you can also see the outside scene.

4. Can you install a fan for air circulation in the dinosaur costume?

      Re: Yes, we can install a fan in the dino costume so the performer can feel more comfortable inside.

5. Coloration – Can we change color as we want?

    Re:From the picture I shew, you may have found that there are different color costumes, so the answer is yes. the color of the dino costume is highly customized .

6. What type of dinosaur costumes you have?

   Re: we have two types of the dinosaur costume for now, one is open legs,another is hidden legs.You can choose one which you prefer.And the dinosaur type can be customized as your requirements.

7. Dinosaur costume can not be site on one place , rigjht?

Yes,sure . dinosaur costume is just like a costume,but real dinosaur.

Dinosaur will not only be limited in museum or park.

Now they will be around you for everywhere!!

You will see them in school to play with children. Or you will see them to entertain clients when you go shopping in mall. Or when you walking in a park, you will see them walk with you and say hello to you.

If any problems please Contact Us

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More feedback from our users .click "Project cases".

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