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Chengdu Junli Lisaurus Tech Co., Ltd.
Tel/Fax: +86-28-61532512
Telephone: +86-136-6626-5971
Skype: lisatang2008
Add: No. 5 Xingguang Road, Chengdu, China.
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Fiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size  from Zigong supplierFiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size  from Zigong supplierFiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size  from Zigong supplierFiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size  from Zigong supplier

Fiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size from Zigong supplier

  • Brand: Lisaurus
  • Product;Fiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size from Zigong supplier
  • Materials: Fiberglass, rubber, resin, steel.
  • Size(length): life size or as customer request
  • Color: Simulated color or Custom as per buyer's choice.
  • Accessories:Showcase,repair box
  • Price : Depend on dinosaur skeleton/fossils size and Specifications,
  • packing way: air case or wooden case
  • Technics: Assemblage,Waterproof, High Imitation fossils, museum quality.
  • Warranty period:24 months after the completion of installation except artificial damage.(this product could preserve for a long time).
  • Pictures: All of the pictures are our last order's product. Welcome to our factory and visit the exhibited site.
  • Keywords: dinosaur skeleton where to buy,Dinosaur Fossils,Dinosaur Bones Craft Supplies
  • Certificate: CE-rohs

Backgroud life size dinosaur skeleton

Dinosaur skeleton is sort of the artist, including our main archaeologist of the work, Dinosaur follil always said out of the ground. Dinosaur is a King of this old time, juranssic world.

fossil is a significant mark. Life size dinosaur fossil/skeleton is our main products, which is very important for the cultivation of dinosaurs, many of our customers use this element in their Park or school. Fiberglass Dinosaur Skeleton Museum Quality dinosaur Fossil Life Size can be used in museum, amusement park, theme park, geopark, scenic spots, outdoor playgrounds/exhibition, shooping mall,outdoor playground and indoor playground equipment, science center,museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, education models, decoration equipments, festival exhibits and so on.

How a dinosaur became fossil.

1. Dinosaur lived the Earth during the Mesozoic Era, over 70 million years ago

2. After died,But they still leave some preserved remains , we can learn more about dinosaur skeleton

3. It body is exposed to a variety of factors that destroy it-scavengers, decomposers, wind and rain.

4. If their remains are quickly buries, such as in a flood, they are preserved.

5. Layers of sand and silt bury the remains under a protective covering of sediment

6. Over many years,the layer harden into sedimentary rock, with the dinosau remains trapped within

7. Over millions of years ,the remains can become fossilized . As materials within the bone are dissolved by water and replaced by minerals from the ground.

8. Geological processed, such as uplift, bring the deeply buried layers up toward the surface

9. If near the surface, some process such as wind and erosion help to expose the fossils

10. Paleontologists  excavated the fossils in order to lean more about dinosaur and their time.

11. You can find some pretty and whole dinosaur fossils shows on museum or school. But the real skeleton always keep in national museum , because it is really very precious.

Products show.

Lisaurus Dino of work processes 

1 design, caculating
2 build the mould
3 transfusion fiberglass
4 pieces of skeleton shape 
5 structure metal construction & Assembly
6 the finished product

Feedback from our customers

Dinosaur skeleton is very popular among our customers, we can customized as your application and design because we have professional designer. They are excited get a wonderful these products. which can be used in any place you want such as Shopping mall, school, Museum, etc. our dinosaurs of simulation always enjoy high phraise of our users.

We believe good company care more about our customers, we may lose control but can't lose sincerity. 

Installation procedure of dinosaur Fantastic Craft Dinosaur Skeleton Figurine

 Erect steel frame→Fixing pelvic girdles→Installing vertebrae→Installing dorsal and caudal ribs→Installing branch bones→Fixing skull


Why you choose us?

(1) flexible connect point motor installation will make the operation more smooth. This will in fact prolong life on a wide margin. 

(2) Crystal animal eyes ball fade for a long time. This is the point that the eyes of the lower plastic products can reach forever. 

(3) the skin is made of foam high black density, which has better elasticity. This will be made the movement of goods without movement of longstanding damage. 

(4) the screw is rustproof and do not paint.

(5) pedestals is galvanized. You need not worry that it will rust.

(6) all the our products are well designed and made of high quality materials. 

(7) our business is based on trust, efficiency and quality. Our operation idea is we may lose control, but can't lose honest, we may lose money, but can't lose quality.

(8). Custom needs can be met.

Packing and delivery for Real Dinosaur Fossils for sale

We care about our quality of packaging, because our dinosaurs will reach your port, after long .we must ensure that you get the right to the goods without any problem 

Our special and careful packaging can protect our products from physical damage during process on subject distances

Disassemble All the skeletons must disassemble into parts for delivery (FCL & LCL)
Packing packed by film of PE bubble and cases of export in wood of high quality cases or air. (toll-free)
Installation Each part of the skeleton will be marked according to the installation manual 
Repair box Free spare parts and materials will be provided.
Expedition to the France Sea - any port in China (SHA, SZ, QC); By air - all international airports in China.
Clearance We are an exporter of highly experienced dinosaur. Get us the right to export and have experience with clients of
 more than 30 countries, Usa, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Australia, South America, Brazil, Argentina,
Peru, Singapore, Belgium.etc.

Terms of payment T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union / Western Union / escrow, cash, credit card
Terms of delivery EXW, FCA, FOB, FAS, CIF, CFR, DDU, DDP

Welcome to Lisaurus:

Our company is the focus on the suit of armor of hot movies and products of dinosaurs, we have more than 18 years of experience in this industry. We have a young but professional team in the Group Lisaurus,

We are familiar with this market and we all trust towards our company and products.

We are fighting with our dream with a positive and aggressive attitude. We love our life and society as well as armor cstume, dinosaur costume and animatronic dinosaur!

Working hard and living in a happy life!

Our factory have a team of professionals and most of the workers and technicians have more than five years in this area to produce the waling dinosaur and Dinosaur animatronics products.

Therefore, we have proven technology and can fulfill your design. In our factory, product quality is our bottom lines, we have a method to control the quality of the system and the test of quality service.

Your satisfaction is our greatest punishment.

Our service. Including the design, production, Installation, service, etc


1. What is your advantage?

We are a professional manufacture of all kinds of products of the animatronic, like animals, dinosaurs in fibreglass & skeletons of dinosaurs, cartoons, animatronics dinosaurs & costumes dinosaur;

 * Best quality and best service with competitive price;

 * All products can run outside in the rain and the Sun;

 * Suppose you guarantee 12 months for the animatronic and 24 months for the skeleton.

 * With the exception of the artificial damage after the guarantee, we provide a lifetime paid repair or service.

 * We can design the life size skeleton/fossil of dinosaur before production.

2. your dinosaurs and other customizable products?

Yes, sure! Our dinosaur species, size, color, movement and sounds can be customized as your custom needs. 

3. how the product works well outdoors in the rain or the Sun?

Yes, all our products are waterproof and weatherproof.

We have our own brand, called Lisaurus, who already get the certificate of the Chinese Government, our brand name is because of some kind of Dinosaur have been found in the city of Zigong (hometown of dinosaurs). Its name means 'sensitive' with long tail for balance. Agilisaurus is a small herbivore dinosaur, about 1.2 m long, is a kind of dinosaur bird. He can walk on all fours in search of food, then Lisaurus means that we have same strong sdaptability.
"We cannot order lost cannot lost not honest;" "we can lost money but can't quality loss. Fulfill all your fantasies. We make all our efforts to attract and retain the best talent, high quality production Realistic 
Dinosaur costume and  Theme park outdoor playground dinosaurs appear, obtain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Your attention to our company is appreciated above 
You can Send a request If all needed assistance. 
For other products of dinosaur. Dinosaur costume and Animatronic Dinosaur model. 
News of our company and the industry. 

Chengdu Junli Lisaurus Tech.co.,Ltd.


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