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Animatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme parkAnimatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme parkAnimatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme parkAnimatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme parkAnimatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme park

Animatronic simulation animals Triceratops dinosaur model for Jurassic theme park

  • Brand name: Lisaurus
  • Material:Well-treated steel , high density sponge, silicone.
  • Type : Artificial Dinosaur Model
  • Technics : Assenblege,Waterproof,brushless motor or common motor
  • Control Model:Coin Operated,infrared sensor,swiping card,remote control
  • Skin:Waterproof,sunproof,snowproof
  • Color:Customized or same as our design
  • Quality warranty period:12 months.
Background of Triceratops:
Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur thet first appeared during the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous period, and became extinct in the Cretaceous-Palaogene extinction event 66 millon years agao. The Term Ticeratops , which literally means "three-horned face", is derived from Greek meaning "Three" "Horn",and "face". Triceratops is one of the  most recognizable of all dinosaur and the best known ceratopsid.

Products Show:

work flow:
>Our designer will make the design paper for the animatronic Triceratops dinosaur in advance.In gerneral,we do the 7-9m carve length Triceratops dinosaur.

>Then we will make the steel frame .

>Cover the high density foam to make the triceratops dinosaur

>And then sculpture the skin texture by all handmade

>Next step we need to brush the glass cement 5-8tmes and cover the elastic fibers.

>At last, brush the pigment 8-10 times,and wait the air drying.

>Then we will pass on to te Quality Control department and make the quality control.To make sure every product hae good quality.

Detail information:

Product  Name

Animatronic Dinosaur Life-sized Triceratops For Sell

Model NO.


Dinosaur Name



Artificial Dinosaurs

Original Size

9m (according to the scientific data)

General Size

6~12m Customized (2~50m)


Late  Cretaceous  period




110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz




10m*1.6m*2.6m (L*W*H)


1.Same as picture 2.Customized


Steel, high density sponge, silicone

Place of


Sichuan,China (Mainland)

Lead Time

Goods in Stock


12 month


Waterproof/ Dampproof/ Freeze-proof 


1.Dinosaur roaring sound       2. Customized

Control Model


Infrared control

Remote control

Button initiate

Coin operated etc.


Mouth opening 


Head shaking (up/down/left/right) 

Stomach breathing 

Dance front claws 

Wagging tail 


With sound

Color and other requiment can be custimized as your want . 


(1). the flexible connect point of motor installation will make the running of it more smooth. This indeed will prolong the service life on a large margin.

(2). the crystal eyes ball of the animals will fade for a long time. This is the point that the eyes of inferior products made of plastic cannot reach forever

(3). the skin is made of high density black sponge which has a better elasticity. This will made the movement of the products without damage long-time movement.

(4). the screw is anti-rust and need not paint.

(5). the pedestals are galvanized. You don’t need to worry about that it will rust.

(6). All simulation animals and animatronic dinosaur models are well deisgned by our professional designer and made with high qulaity.

(7). our business is base on trust, efficiency, and quality. Our operation idea is we can lose order but can’t lose honest, we can lose money but can’t lose quality.

(8). Personalized requirements can be satisfied.

Feedback from our clients:

Packing & Shipping:

Our Lisaurus Team
We always believe that team means all , Lisaurus team is always working for supply high quality amusement park animatronic dinosaur products for our users.
Lisaurus Animatronic Dinosaur Life-sized Triceratops and raptor  always enjoy high phraise from our users, which is widely used for theme park decoration and outdoor exhibition. 
Lisaurus team will keep our faith "hard working , happy life" , in order to become the top animatrinoc dinosaur manufacture and exporter .  we supply multi-lanuage servie like Spanish , Russian , English etc.
we have outing and birthday party always .

Our Factory
We have our own factory with own design and engineer , amusement park animatronic dinosaur is star products also top products in our company.
Our engineer can design for our clients accordingly . 

Our Certification
All of our exhibition animatronic dinosaur has certiciation such as CE-ROHS.

Q. why your price is higher than others?
A. We always believe high quality and excellent service is important for a long time relationshio, we make sure every piece war materials match our request , we do strict QC during production . of course for our amusement park life size animatronic dinosaur we have 1 year warranty time , we have 25h multi-language servie like Spanish and Russian etc. we have our own Lisaurus dinosaur brand with needed certification such as CE-ROHS.all of these makes a difference , but it`s worthy

Q. Can your products custimized ?
A. YES . we can , all of our  life size assemble dinosaur model can be custimized , including size and shapes , also other special requiments, because we have own designer and engineer for all size artificial dinosaur , we are professional Animatronic Dinosaur Suppliers and Manufacturers in china for more than 18 years .

Q. How about your payment terms?
A.We accept all of payment terms , such as T/T, L/C, D/P,D/A,O/A.Western Union,Paypal etc/.

Q. How to contact with Junli Lisaurus
A. If you have any questions welcome to Contact us 

Chengdu Junli Lisaurus Tech.co.,Ltd.


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