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2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults

2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults

  • Material: mainly EVA,fiberglass led lights etc..
  • Product name:2.5m Higher Custom cosplay costumes Transformers adult bumble bee costumes for adults
  • Weight:Net weight within 15kg,gross weight around 25kg for one piece
  • Standard size: 175-185cm(5.7-6.1ft) height, 60kg - 80kg(132-176pound) weight performer or individually                   
  • Color: Characters original style in Transformers movie or customized
  • Delivery time:7-10 days regular,will check again if quantity is more than 5 pieces.
  • Is_customized: Yes
  • Certainficate: CE & RoHS from DEKRA Germany
  • Transport way recommend: Normally our clients choose by air or DHL express to door cuz the light weight and small volume , cheap air freight with short time to get the goods.
  • Key words:led lights,Transformers armor costumes,Bumble bee adults costume,for kids party,COSPLAY armour costume,for events planning company,for Christmas Day,Halloween costume,Adult Transformers armor Bumblebee costumes
Transformers series is one of the most popular film franchises ever.It already been on for 4 movies,and will be on the fifth:The Last Knight in 2017.We make the armor costume according to this movie characters, brave Bumble bee  and Optimus Prime costumes,the vicious Megatron,Deception...We finished a series of Transformers armor costumes,What is more,we have professional designers team,we can customized as clients demands.

As we all know,Bumblebee is a character who is very popular in the Transformers.He is brave,elvish,smart,just like a funny human boy.He is also the best friend of Sam.His armor is also a most popular type among our clients.

This Bumblebee costume is made for adults,it is a customized armor cosplay costume according to the performer size.We change its color as client demands.What is more,It is a higher costume.It can be 2.5m when people wear it.

Products show: 

Independent design:We can design as your ideas,we have professional designer team,we are committed to make your any ideas come true.

Hand made:Our all costumes are hand-made,almost of workers have more than 5 years experience in this industry,for make sure every armor costumes with high quality,our Quality Text Department will text one by one,We won't sent any product which has quality problems.
With high simulation degree:Focus on years of professional designers and workers, to make sure that at least more than 90% of the level of reduction. 

Durable and easy to repair:with 60 degrees of ecological protection of EVA material, water-proof, lightweight and durable you can also 520 glue all-purpose glue, heat glue to fix it. 

Transformers series armor costumes are very popular around the world, especially some film Transformers fans. They are excited to get the transformers with led lights robot suit what they really want and share their happiness with us. 

This is a German clients who hold the night party and do the transformer adult armors suit dancing with led lights,and got a hot atmosphere.His costumes also is customized,we installed more led lights as his demands.When night comes,it looks cool and ashimmer. 

Packing and shipping: 
You can choose Hard paper box for free or wooden box with charge (according to the wooden case size).This kind of packing can protect armour suits from damages,we will cover the protective film and fill in the foam so that it can be dampproof and waterproof. 
We can help you to choose a good forward agency to shipping as your demands.Of course,it is better if you have your own trusty forward agency.

Welcome to Lisaurus: 

We are professional and responsible factory and wholesale in China. We have two factories at present, one for producing dinosaur products and animatronic animals,we often do theme park projects for clients, and dinosaur costume is one of the most popular in this factory, it is our star product. Another factory for making and design the armor costumes, our almost costumes are made based on the hot film role or hot video games, such as Transformers, Avengers,Star Wars, StarCraft, World of WarCraf and Iron man etc,our factory has professional staff and workers to produce products. Most of them work more than five years of experience with our products, they are responsible and carefully. That is why we can make sure the proven technology and high quality.Also we can customized according to everyone body size and clients demands. We have an excellent designers team, almost of them have experience with more than ten years, so only if give us your ideas or a pictures, we can produce the costumes what you want.

About the structure, now we have six departments in Lisurus company: PD(product department)Sales Department, Design Department, Plan Department, Quality-testing Department, After-sales Department. Design Department is responsible to make the design paper of our production according to the clients demands. The PD is responsible for the productions. Quality-testing Department is responsible for testing the products quality when the factory finishes an order. We wont allow any products which has quality problem to send. Plan Department is responsible for make the activities planning for our client. We will make the planning events and explain how to use our products according to their country market demand. And Sales Department is responsible to serve the client and help them import what they want to buy. After-sales Department is responsible to solve the problems after people get the products.

Our history:

Any problem,please Contact Us,and if you are interested in our products and want know the price,please Inquiry

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