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Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed2017-03-03

Wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal, according to a study. Scientists tracked two elephants in Botswana to find out mor...More

Transformers Galvatron costume,do you like it?2017-03-02

Hello,everybody.Here I bring our new costumes:custom Galvatron.It is customized by a client.We change its color to be purple.So that it looks more cut...More

Transformers Adult Hound armor2017-03-01

Hound is a role in Transformers 4: Rise of Galvatron. He is an Autobot and leaded by Optimus Prime. He will become a track and is very courageous and ...More

Have you ever hear the robot sound and do you want to own one?2017-02-28

Hello ,everybody.This is Junli Lisaurus group,a professional factory to produce the cosplay costumes armor(such as Adult Transformers Bumblebee costum...More

New design Transformers adult Bumble bee costume2017-02-26

New design Transformers adult Bumble bee costume Hi,everybody. Here we are happy to share our new design adult bumblebee transformer armor costume. T...More

Realistic dinosaur costume - Professional dinosaur factory‎2017-02-23

Realistic dinosaur costume - Professional dinosaur factory. We have over 300 different designs for walking dinosaur costume for adult. we can design a...More

Hot sale:adult transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime costumes2017-02-21

Today we have a good news,as our hot sale Cosplay costumes,Transformers adult bumblebee and Optimus Prime costumes accumulative total sales quantity h...More

Lisaurus has a new department called Costomized Design department.2017-02-20

20170220news Lisaurus has a new department called Costomized Design department. As we said before we will have a special department called Costomized ...More

Qatar residents should carry ID cards 'at all times'2017-02-18

Qatar ID card People living and working in Qatar mustcarry their ID cards “at all times” as proof of their identities and validresidency, the Minist...More

Transformers 5:The last Knight series armor costume is coming2017-02-17

As we all know,Transformers movie are always popular around the world.In this June in China,Transformers 5:The Last Knights will be on in the cinema.I...More

new designed bird costume from Lisaurus Tech.2017-02-16

20170216 we collect some new design bird costume from our system. we found many types special design armor costume we make before. share with you som...More

EVA walking dinosaur armor costumes for cosplay2017-02-15

Here is our February new product:EVA armor dinosaur costumes.They are made based on the cartoon characters images. We can customize various of dinosa...More

Lisaurus wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.2017-02-14

20170214Lisaurus Team wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Today is a very special day for people from all over the world, Valentine's Day becomes more a...More

Eight films to watch in febrauary in 20172017-02-14

Hidden Figures This feel-good drama about three unsung heroes topped the US box office on inauguration weekend, and has since nabbed Academy Awards no...More

Film review:Is Fantastic Beasts2017-02-13

JK Rowling makes her screenwriting debut with this return to the wizard’s world, a prequel set in the 1920s. Is it magical? Critic Nicholas Barber we...More

Where to go and what to do for Qatar National Sport Day 20172017-02-12

The sixth annual Qatar National Sport Day (NSD) will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 14.Held on the second Tuesday of February every year, the public holi...More

A new order just be finished for dinosaur costume2017-02-10

I just finished an order with dinosaur costume.This client who comes from America.Actually,he is also my first client when I do this job.He gave me a ...More

Does you country celebrate the Spring Festival?2017-02-07

Chinese Spring Festival has gone a half time,Today,almost staff all began to work.Any problems you can find them quickly.How about you in this period?...More

Lisaurus production process for our Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus armor costume.2017-02-07

Lisaurus production process for our Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus armor costume. When you see those cool and amazing armor costume,do you think a...More

Do dinosaurs still live among us?2017-02-06

1.The rise and fall of the dinosaurs Dinosaurs walked the Earth for an incredible 165 million years. They first appeared in the late Triassic Period,...More