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<Avengers: Endgame>Take stock of these fierce heroines-continued

Althugh Marvel's superhero movies are almost dominated by men, there are still girls who don't play the role of a girl, and they are looking for actresses of different nationalities and colors to play, showing the world of Marvel movies. Today we continued counts for everyone. The rest 6 major Marvel women, although not super heroes, but their real heroic, equally beautiful and domineering.

New finished Optimus Prime armor costume. let`s ship for our dear client soon.

New finished Optimus Prime armor costume. let`s ship for our dear client soon. Today is really a wonderful day, we have finished a big order from our ...

Qatar’s Hamad Port begins accepting commercial vessels

Qatar’s Hamad Port begins accepting commercial vessels Marking a major economic milestone forQatar, the country’s new HamadPort soft-launched commer...

Some feedback for lisaurus dinosaur costume from our clients

They say : We like Lisaurus Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume always . Here today we are happy to share some feedback for our walking dinosaur costum...

Lisaurus New products armour costume with inner support .

Lisurus Tech is a professional supplier and manufacture for kinds ofarmour costume for some hot movie roles , like Transformers 3 & 4, Iron man, Star ...

Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found Buried Together

Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found BuriedTogether A dinosaur couple that appears to have diedtogether after wooing each other has been identifie...
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Welcome to visit Wuhou Temple in Chengdu.2017-04-02

Welcome to visit Wuhou Temple in Chengdu. Here we are on the vacation for Chingming Festival, all chinese people enjoy their holiday, if you stay in c...More

Holiday notice for Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day)2017-03-31

Important Notice for Lisaurus Holiday: we will have 3 days holiday for Tomb-sweeping Day (called also Qingming Festival or Chingming Festival) from 2...More

A big Technological innovation for the animatronic walking dinosaur car2017-03-30

Today we have a good news want to s hare with you.Our new animatronic walking dinosaur car was finished.It is not just a new dinosaur product,also is ...More

Congratulates for our client activity got a great success2017-03-29

This week I got the feedback from my South Africa client,who hold a very big activity in outdoor,like a big families party.There are stage and big scr...More

Some thoughts for the Mianyang training2017-03-28

This week we have a nice training in Mianyang.First of all,thank you for he guests of all partners of Mianyang.This time we really learning much. We s...More

Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?2017-03-27

After two decades of development and "heartbreak", scientists are on the verge of sending missions to explore the ocean world of Europa. Could this be...More

Olympic bid welcomed by QAF2017-03-25

Before the restart of the Diamon League in Doha began, Dahlan Al Hamad, Qatar Athletics Federation (QAF) President and... .... Before the restart of t...More

The Final Wolverine Film could reinvent the Superhero Genre2017-03-23

The X-man’s swan song is a dark, melancholy film that expects us to take it seriously. The surprise is, that for the most part we can, writes critic ...More

How to do a funny activity with our Bumblebee costumes2017-03-22

Yesterday we had a funny activity for our Adult Transformers Bumblebee costume 4 plus. It have two parts,we recorded the video in our office and held ...More

Good feedback from our client with the custom Bumblebee costume2017-03-21

As you know ,Bumblebee costume is always our hot product.We can custom as you want.Last week I just finished a new order for our custom Transformers a...More

Beauty and the Beast2017-03-19

Today I saw a movie called Beauty and the Beast.It tells a love story,about a kind beauty save a selfish and irritable prince. It comes from Walt Disn...More

A nice symposium between our two companies2017-03-17

Today we have nice symposium between our two companies sales deparments.Beacuse we have a race between two companies in every month.Last month,they lo...More

Did dinosaurs exist as dwarfs2017-03-16

Imagine a dinosaur; a sauropod such as a Brachiosaurus, or Diplodocus, one of the largest animals ever to roam the land. A plant-gobbling true giant o...More

kinds designs for Megatron armor costume in Lisaurus2017-03-15

Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by Hasbro in 1984, based on a toy design by Takara. The original Megatron was the Dec...More

How to make an armor costume,such as Transformers Bumblebee?2017-03-15

Last week we have a training about our armor Cosplay suits.We learned in our factory in HangZhou and our designers taught us the process of producing ...More

which kind of anomatronic dinosaur we can make in Lisaurus factory2017-03-14

It is a highly focused research and development company,which creating a diverse range of entertaining products and amazing creations within the ANIMA...More

New Megatron is coming,do you prepare to protect our home Earth?2017-03-14

It is the day to push out our new product cosplay suits armor:Megatron.Focus on the vicious Megatron,are you ready for protecting our home Earth,just ...More

New Predator helmet armor for party,cosplay2017-03-11

Did you ever saw the movie:Aliens vs Predator.Here we have a awesome product want to share with you:The predator helmet.Actually it is a part of the f...More

The promotion activity is going to be finish2017-03-05

Hi everybody. This is Charlotte.As we all know at the beginning of Feb., we have a new activity for the Valentine’s Day. Just provide your kiss image...More

Petrol prices go up for the fifth month in a row in Qatar2017-03-04

Fuel prices in Qatar will increase in March for the fifth straight month, theMinistry of Energy and Industry has announced. Starting on Wednesday (Mar...More