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2017 China International Cartoon and Animation Festival2017-04-28

2017 China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was opened on April 26,in Hangzhou,Zhejiang. In the theme of “International anime,embrace the...More

The development of science fiction film2017-04-27

With the development of science and technology, the films will add lots of science and technology elements. It make the film become more realistic. In...More

What would be happen if the dinosaurs were not extinct?2017-04-26

If the dinosaurs could live until now,they would occupy the mail area on Earth.In contrast,the mammal evolution will be inhibited by them. The environ...More

Transformers with kids,bring more joy2017-04-25

One couple wanted to give their son a big surprise on birthday.As their known,the boy is really a transformers fans. They decided to dress our transfo...More

Some amusement park dinosaur races2017-04-25

We know, in fun prk. There are many rides. Like dinosaur, horseback riding, cow and other driving. Many guys like to guide them. There I share a bit o...More

The history of International Workers' Day2017-04-24

International Labor Day (also named International Workers' Day or May Day), is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world. It’s on...More

A happy wedding in theme of peach blossom2017-04-24

I went to a wedding in last Saturday.The peach trees are in full bloom in garden this season. It is a flower party in theme of peach blossom.In China,...More

Do you still remember those heros from Transformers 4?2017-04-22

When Transformers 5 will released be on North America 2th Jun 2017. we may always remember 4 series, we already get many famouse roles , such as Bumbl...More

Dinosaur egg appeared in Zigong city,China?2017-04-20

Dinosaur egg appeared in Zigong city,China? The expert checked the authenticity and explained. Recently, 5 workers found some products similar to din...More

Why dinosaur disappear?2017-04-19

We know the dinosaur are the strongest creatures on the continent in ancient times. At that time, there was no human beings yet. Dinosaur almost all c...More

Optimus Prime fight with Bumblebee,what happened?2017-04-18

Optimus Prime fight with Bumblebee,what happened? As we known,the film “Transformers:The Last Knight “will be shown in June as plan. From the prevue...More

transformer 5: The Last Knight will be released in June2017-04-18

Transformers, 4 series of movies are popular with people all over the world. Did you remember the awesome experience of Optimus Prime and the Bumblebe...More

Lisaurus Spring outing2017-04-18

Last weekend,we have a nice and funny day for Spring outing in XiuLiDongFang park.In the morning,we find a good lawn and have nice meeting for our bus...More

Successful Cases for adult dinosaur costume from Lisaurus customers2017-04-16

Successful Cases for adult dinosaur costume from Lisaurus customers More

Funny Bumblebee 4 plus costume road shows video2017-04-14

As you all know,last week,we just finished a road shows for a Transformers Bumblebee costume activity.This type is our Bumblebee 4 plus.It looks stron...More

Western cosplay costumes2017-04-12

Western cosplay costumes (Costuming) from the Disney company brought the trend of dress, many of the development of heroic comic production companies ...More

Building The Animatronic Dinosaurs T-rex half body For Jurassic Park2017-04-11

Building The Animatronic Dinosaurs T-rex half body For Jurassic Park If you find the animatronic dinosaur model with half body at the street,you mus...More

A happy day want to share with you2017-04-09

Today is a my niece Spring outing in their kindergarten. Teachers organized all children and their parents to go to a park and do games. We learned ho...More

Good news!our new dinosaur factory was built!2017-04-05

Today I have a good news want to share with everybody.As you know.since 2016,we already prepare to extend our dinosaur factory,and here we finally fin...More

About dinosaur costumes you don't know2017-04-03

If you visited our website, you should know that armor cosplay costumes(sucn as Transformers Bumblebee costume and Optimus Prime cosplay costumes) and...More