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Star Wars: Episode 8' release date2016-10-28

A promotional still from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" featuring actress Daisy Ridley as Rey Star Wars website The truth about Rey's (Daisy Ridley) p...More

Hey boy, Lisaurus dinosaur skeleton beside you !2016-10-27

Hey boy, Lisaurus dinosaur skeleton beside you ! Do you like dinosaur skeleton? Our company produce high quality skelekton for amusement park as if ju...More

What did we do today2016-10-26

Today we attented a traning for how to give client a better service,sum up two core ideas,valuable and benefits. So in the future we will still focus ...More

Thank you2016-10-24

Thanks for your visiting,Chiris.Your Dinosaur order is being produced,Now every thing is working well.We will continuously keep our passion ,prefessio...More

Nice mood want to share with all people2016-10-23

Today I am happy that I got the top sales of this month, it is our company rule, every month we will elect the best performance on sales as our top sa...More

Some feedback for lisaurus dinosaur costume from our clients2016-10-22

They say : We like Lisaurus Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume always . Here today we are happy to share some feedback for our walking dinosaur costum...More

Transformers movie plot introduction2016-10-18

I am a girl, so I think it is boring when I heard the "Transformers" , but myaunt insist to take my two cousins and I went to see "Transformers 4". At...More

The film review of Transformers 4 Age of Extinction2016-10-16

Two days ago I saw Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, it tells:many years later, humans always kill the Autobots by the controlling of Deception , Opt...More

Some special products we designed for our users .2016-10-14

Some special products we designed for our users . Lisaurus Armour costume is always very special and cool , we can produce all roels from hot movie ,...More

How do we give our customers a perfect service - own design and customized production.2016-10-12

How do we give our customers a perfect service - own design and customized production. Lisaurus Tech has our own designer and engineer , so we can giv...More

New product-2.5m Bumbleebee Armour Costume With Our Own Design.2016-10-11

New product-2.5m Bumbleebee Armour Costume With Our Own Design. Here we have a very good news to share with all of our clients , our designer and engi...More

Lisaurus New products armour costume with inner support .2016-10-10

Lisurus Tech is a professional supplier and manufacture for kinds ofarmour costume for some hot movie roles , like Transformers 3 & 4, Iron man, Star ...More

Import duty & taxes for Animatronic dinosaur2016-10-09

Import duty & taxes for Animatronicdinosaur The import duty rate for importing Animatronicdinosaur into China is 0% ,the import VAT is 17%, when class...More

Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found Buried Together2016-10-06

Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found BuriedTogether A dinosaur couple that appears to have diedtogether after wooing each other has been identifie...More

Dinosaur comes out of closet at South Africa university2016-10-05

Dinosaur comesout of closet at South Africa university Palaeontologists in South Africa have discovered the fossil of apreviously unknown dinosaur dat...More

Ninja turtle is coming!2016-10-04

Since 1990 the American movie ninja turtles have been made for four sections. story of four New York skilled ninja turtle to combating crime . Have y...More

How to choose Armour suit? How about EVA material armour costume? Is it trustworthy2016-10-03

How to choose Armour suit? How about Eva material armour costume? Is it trustworthy Christmas is coming, if you have not yet made a decision to choos...More

The origin of dinosaur introduction2016-10-02

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosauria that first appeared during Triassic period. Although the exact origin and timing of t...More

Warcraft is coming!2016-10-01

Did you see the movie: Warcraft?Did you ever play this computer game:Warcarft? It is really hot movie and game in China,and it has taken 147.2 million...More

New Product share with all of you . Lisaurus Transformers Bumblebee 4 VS EVA animatronic dinosaur co2016-09-30

Lisaurus New product-2016 New Designed Bumblebee 4 plus Costume VS Realistic Dinosaurs Monsters Hello everybody, here we are happy to introduce you a ...More