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We have finished the custom production of 2.5 m Optimus Prime for one of our new customers

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Source:Lisaurus news
  • Release on :2016-11-09
We have finished the custom production of 2.5 m Optimus Prime for one of our new clients

2016.11.9 Lisaurus news. today is a beautiful day, the Lisaurus team is very happy to wear our new armor costume with 2.5 m Customized Optimus Prime costume armor, this is our first time to make 2.5 m for Optime, our designer and engineer worked a long time to balance and dexterity. same as Armor Bumblebee costume 2.5 m finished, we must wear from ourselves more than 10 times in order to ensure that all data is clear and fair, then we take pictures and videos for our clients when they make sure all data is satisfied, they paid the balance before our expedition. We always work for our customers like this, you know it doesn't matter how many orders or customers we have, we must show them our best service and high quality products. with us your money in safe and business in safe. 

Lisaurus team have many types of armor costume for many films like Transformers and Transformers 3 4 hot, Iron man, Alien VS Predator ... we try to make sure all the details the same as customer's request. our goal is to become the premier provider of China Optimus Prime costumes.
pls you can check all our Transformers costume here. 
We also close Quality control