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When the Star wars characters appear your life, what it does to you?

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-01-22
As we all know, Star wars is a very famous series movie, In December of 2016,its new movie Rogue One: Star Wars Story was been on, and now it is also has a hot effect when it was been on in China. I t is really popular all over the world. 
Fortunately, we all can 100% design and make the armor which appeared in the movie, Strom troopers armor,C-3PO armor, Chewbacca suit, Siess etc… All characters armor in this movie we can make it in real life. They also can have a use which is full of imagination. Our one client ever did the tricks video by an outfit Star wars armor costumes. They will make a Star wars world when people in toilet and let the perform who wear the Star wars characters armor, the people who was spoof will think maybe Aliens come to earth or something like that, you know, it is very funny to record their reaction. It is also a creative usages we think. 
If you are interested in, come on, just contact us, maybe you can have some new usages for them. Also, do not be scary if something strange appear in your real life, an advice from the weird costumes maker factory.