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What would be happen if the dinosaurs were not extinct?

  • Author:Emily
  • Source:Zigong news
  • Release on :2017-04-26
If the dinosaurs could live until now,they would occupy the mail area on Earth.In contrast,the mammal evolution will be inhibited by them.

The environment will effect the transformation of organism,their appearance and habits would be changed as environment change.It is known that the dinosaurs in Cretaceous will be quite different as their ancestor.Of course,a few dinosaurs still same as their ancestor because of the little change of environment in 65 million years.There is no doubt that some dinosaurs would be eliminated by nature as they can’t adapt the environment change.

The most interesting is that some scientists speculate the most intelligent dinosaur at Cretaceous-Troodon could evolve into human animals.If really like this,they will be the ruler of Earth,and there would be no human world.
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