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Warcraft is coming!

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-10-01
Did you see the movie: Warcraft?Did you ever play this computer game:Warcarft? It is really hot movie and game in China,and it has taken 147.2 million at the box office.Lets analysis why it is so popular in China.As we all know, in the past of ten years, it is also a hot games,we can even say that,it carried some people’s youth memory.For commemorating their past and memory,they will choose to see and support this movie.Therefore,they not only just see a movie,but also a feeling.    
According this movie,we produce the new products:Warcraft armour costume.As I the following picture of armour the costume product,you can use it propagandize your brand by performance,in party,events,cinema,cosplay and so on.It is all hand-made,and can let you feel the feeling which to be a roles in the movie.It is must be a wonderful experience I guess.Of course,as a China armour costume supplier and factory,we also have other costumes,such as Transformers costume,Aliens costume,Iron man costume etc.. We can customized as your demands, so welcome to contact me if you are interested in them, or any question you can Contact Us. 

I believe it will attract more people if we can follow the market trend.