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The service we can do for you

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-11-19
Lisaurus company is a professional and hopeful and most important responsible team for hot film customized armor costume and dinosaur products.We have our own Brand story and company culture.We always firmly believe clients are our first position to serve. 

In the past of year,we encountered different difficulties from our clients and solved them.Here we promise seriously what we can do for you in our service. 
1.We promise to give you the best price for us and do the good quality products for you.We have strict Quality testing department and prohibit any inferior products. 
2.Because of the particularity of some products,such as armor costume,we can record the video to show the product quality and how to wear and repair them if you need. 
3.We will be responsible for our products,If any problems of the costume,ask us,we will help you within 12 hours. 
4.We have professional market planning and analysis team,So we can help you and do the project planning for your business.I think it is must be helpful for you. 
5.Every month,we will have new products to design and produce,we will keep our costumes update and share with you.And to make sure that you can know the newest situation in this industry. 

Above of them,we do  them with our biggest sincerity.We always do everything to become a better business partner and I believe we are becoming.If you are interested in us,just Contact Us and know more about us,If you are interested in any products,just Inquiry please.