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Talking Tree

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-11-18
Here I want to share our funny products:Talking tree. 
Talking trees are a form of sapient trees in mythologies and stories. According to Greek mythology, all the trees in the Dodona (northwestern Greece, Epirus) grove (the forest beside the sanctuary of Zeus) became endowed with the gift of prophecy, and the oaks not only spoke and delivered oracles while in a living state, when built into the ship Argo the wood spoke and warned of approaching calamities. 

The rustling of the leaves on an Oak tree was regarded as the voice of Zeus.Oracular Trees are sometimes attributed with the ability to speak to individuals, especially those gifted in divination . 

According these mythologies and stories,we produced the the talking tree products,It can be high customized and can be any type as clients’ want.It like a real tree and have face,eyes,eyebrow ,nose and mouth,what is more,it can speaking and move its twig as his arms.It is a very funny products.People can use it in Shop,in parties,in events,in theme park,in amusement park,even in the street,in toy shop in school.It is a good products to attract people attention and also a good partner with children.Here new talking tree we just finished. 
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