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Queen misses Christmas Day church service 'because of cold'

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Source:BBC NEWS
  • Release on :2016-12-25

From BBC News: The Queen has not attended church on Christmas Day because she is still suffering from a heavy cold.

Buckingham Palace said she was staying indoors to help her recover but added that she would still participate in the family's Christmas Day celebrations.

Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and others attended church at the Queen's Norfolk estate, Sandringham.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to church in Berkshire, where they are spending Christmas with the Middletons.

Queen's message: 'I draw strength from unsung heroes'

Nicholas Witchell, BBC royal correspondent, said the Queen's absence from the church service - the first time she has missed the service "in many years" - is understood to be a "precautionary measure".Our correspondent said there was "no sense of undue concern" from Buckingham Palace.

BBC reporter Emilia Papadopoulos said about 3,000 people had waited for the royals at Sandringham - some from 06:00 GMT.She said although there was "a lot of disappointment" among the crowds, Prince Charles and Prince Harry had both spoken to people after the service and most had left saying it had been "well worth the wait".


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