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Optimus Prime fight with Bumblebee,what happened?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release on :2017-04-18
Optimus Prime fight with Bumblebee,what happened?
transformer robot costume

As we known,the film “Transformers:The Last Knight “will be shown in June as plan.
From the prevue,I am so surprised that Optimus Prime fight with Bumblebee,and said”forgive me”.I really can’t believe my eyes.What happened?They are good friends.
In this picture,the eyes of Optimus Prime had become purple.I guess maybe Optimus Prime will change to a villain.If the story like this,I can’t image much more details,but just looking forward to it.I am sure it would be a new and great movie,are you ready to support it?

movie costume armour

Although the film will be released in summer,our engineer had designed latest transformers robot costumes and will be finished in next month.Also our transformers robot costumes,bumblebee costume and optimus prime robot costume are still sell hot with great performance.If you have interesting about them,be free to contact us.
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