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More fog forecast in Qatar but less in Chengdu this week.

  • Author:Lisaurus
  • Source:Doha news
  • Release on :2017-01-12

Widespread fog return to Qatar, and is expected for at least a few days stay, meteorologists warned.

Morning had settled today already Misty conditions over different parts of the country.

As humidity increases tonight, will combine morning with light winds, misty weather.


Expect zero visibility in the early hours of the morning until at least Thursday, said one of Qatar's meteorology Department Declaration.

Thick cover of mist had already covered the country end of December and beginning of January commute slow down and even some influence of the air traffic in the region.

Meanwhile, after a short period of cold temperatures are expected to rise as high as 27 C (81F) in Doha today.


In Chengdu, we have same change this week is less than a week, we see from Chengdu weather, the  Misty conditions holds for almost 2 months. 

This week we have some Sun today we have very good weather and warm sun shine. 144 is the air quality is getting better and better.

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