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Lisaurus company new website was built with armour costume and dinosaur products.

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-09-28
Hello,everybody!This is Junli Lisaurus Tech Co.,Ltd, here today we introduce you our updated website.
This time we integrate our core competences products:Dinosaur Products and Armour Costumes .You can find everything what you really want ,just need visit our company from this website,and know more details about our Hot Movie Roels Armour Costume and Walking With Dinosaur Costume , which is our star products in past years. 

This website have eight Parts:Home,Video,Contact Us,About Us,Successful Cases and Inquiry. 

Home is the main page ,you can know our main infor from the website and videos include our hot products video,you can know them all-around,such as the Bumblebee costume performance,Iron man costume performance,dinosaur costumes show,animatronic animals show and so on.Visit it I believe you will be surprise.Quality control is to introduce how we control our high quality and our standard,you can know our quality test department and the producing process.“About us” introduce our team,our company culture and our factory scale. “successful cases” is to introduce our clients cases,about how they use our products and effect. “honor”is about our certificate and the achievement which we ever get,you will find that we have enough ability to make most of your ideas come true. 

Our company has established more than 18 years and have rich experiences and proven technology on armour costume and walking dinosaur products.We can DIY according to your demands because we have professional designer and engineer.So any need,welcome to Contact Us. Thanks for your attention again.

Juli Lisaurus company welcome to you!