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Lisaurus Spring outing

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-04-18
Last weekend,we have a nice and funny day for Spring outing in XiuLiDongFang park.In the morning,we find a good lawn and have nice meeting for our business and work plan.And  dicuss the creative uses for out Bumblebee Transformers costumes and Optimus Prime costume.

And in the afternoon,we ate the fish hot pot,it is a special Chinese foo,people sit ina circle and Boiled fish and vegetables in a big pot.It is very spicy and hot,but delicious,if you come to China,I advise it can be a necessary Chinese food to taste.

And then we played games,Chengdu Spring is beautiful and flowers are in full bloom.We took photos and enjoy good time.
Lisaurus spring outing