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Lisaurus News. welcome our customer Mr Fawad visit us .

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Source:Lisaurus News
  • Release on :2016-12-12
Lisaurus News. welcome our customer Mr Fawad visit us .
11st Dec Sunday afternoon. we are really happy to meet our customer Mr Fawad. he knows our brand and animatronic dinosaur model from Linkendin . he try to get our dinosaur costume and animatronic dinosaur for own business. of course he need we design and produce as he want. for sure , we can do this accordingly. 

After visit us , he told Lisa he is very confident for this business because of our after service policy. means he just need open the market and find more customers , we will make all sence including design, production, installation, technical support.  we are good partner not only sell and buy .  Lisa also confirm we will follow all of his request for products design and promotion. 

As we always told , we can lost money , but we can not lost quality;  we can lost order,but can not lost sincerity. Lisaurus team is always working for better future with our high quality and  better service. 
Our main products is :
of course we also have some kinds of Armour Costume for shows and events. which is a good match with dinosaur costume.

Welcome to visit us . everybody. 
Tel/Fax: +86-28-61532512
Telephone: +86-187-8215-0719 
Skype: lisatang2008 
Add: No. 2 Shuangjing Road, Chengdu, China.