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'Iron Man 4' release date news

  • Author:Iacomus
  • Source:Internet
  • Release on :2016-10-30

It looks like fans of Robert Downey Jr. may have to wait a bit longer to see the A-lister actor reprise the role of American business magnate, engineer extraordinaire and witty man-in-an-ironmask superhero Tony Stark (otherwise known as Iron Man) in the highly-anticipated solo Iron Man film installment, "Iron Man 4."

According to a report by Game N Guide, word on the mill has it that the fourth "Iron Man" film may not premiere on the big screen until 2020 despite all the clamor from fans asking for another solo movie for the cheeky and stubborn billionaire turned superhero, Tony Stark.

Though reports from earlier this year had indicated that there was little hope of seeing a fourth "Iron Man" movie, it seems like Marvel Studios now has three movies being prepared to see release in 2020, all of which have titles that remain largely unannounced.

Given that the comic book studio did make confirmations for a "Black Panther," "Ant-Man" and "Wasp" debut in 2018, while "Captain Marvel" has been prepared for 2019, many are hoping that "Iron Man 4" will somehow make its way to the mystery trio for Marvel's 2020 list of films.

The internet has been swelling with "Iron Man 4" plot rumors as the Marvel Comics has been updating its superhero story line, making Tony Stark retire to have his place taken by a young African American Student by the name of Riri Williams in one of its newer volumes.

Given this shift in the comics, fans have begun to wonder whether Marvel will bring back Downey Jr. to play the part of Iron Man in 2020, or whether they'd get to see Riri Williams instead.

Meanwhile, in other "Iron Man 4" news, October has officially seen the release of the new mystic Marvel film "Dr. Strange," and comparisons between Benedict Cumberbatch's egotistical character Stephen Strange and Tony Stark have begun to take place. Though Dr. Strange is entirely different from Iron Man, the two have uncanny similarities, if not in face, in humor.

Will Strange replace Stark's role as the funny man? Having two funny guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't sound so bad.