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which kind of anomatronic dinosaur we can make in Lisaurus factory

  • Author:Lisa
  • Source:Lisaurus
  • Release on :2017-03-14
It is a highly focused research and development company,which creating a diverse range of entertaining products and amazing creations within the ANIMATRONIC DINOSAUR,dinosaur costume, and other simulation products.(also include the popular new  CUSTOM COSPLAY COSTUMES: transformers costume, iron man costume etc)

We are not the biggest company , also not the most famous brand in the world , but we are at the top of the market.We can be your trustworthy supplier in China.
we supply on stop solution for all of our clients always. including design park, production, market plan, installation, sfter tervice, lifetime technical support.

We are making progress to be the Champion of dinosaur industry, we believe Chinese Design.

  1. We are sincere to  keep our faith : honesty , goodness,thanksgiving , filial piety .
  2. We hope to build long-term cooperation with our customers and win-win business .
  3. We have our basic rules in our company(keep our price system) , it will be a pleasure cooperation with us .
  4. Customer satisfaction is our key point to concern.
  5. Work hard and happy life .

We have all kinds of animatronic dinosaur model, which is widely used in theme park , dinosaur park and so on. 
we can design and produce any type as you want. 
Thanks for your choosing.