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Import duty & taxes for Animatronic dinosaur

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Source:Int News
  • Release on :2016-10-09

Import duty & taxes for Animatronic dinosaur

The import duty rate for importing Animatronic dinosaur into China is 0% , the import VAT is 17%, when classified under Toys & Games → Figures & Dolls → Doll or Figure | animal or non-human with HS commodity code 9503.00.8900. Additional taxes apply: Dutiable value (CH¥100.00 per pcs), Parcel Tax (15%)

Below you can find HS commodity codes, import duty & tax rates and any import restrictions for Animatronic dinosaur for your country of import.

 This news is very important for us , Animatronic Dinosaur Model is our star products , we have build many dinosaur park in some countries . always enjoy high phraise from them , we will try to help them save cost , of course including import tax . we hope do more for our customers . Lisaurus Team is always working for you . 

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