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How to make an armor costume,such as Transformers Bumblebee?

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-03-15
Last week we have a training about our armor Cosplay suits.We learned in our factory in HangZhou and our designers taught us the process of producing for an armor Cosplay suit and our new technology.After learning,I have a deep impression for our armor costumes production,material and designs.Here let me take you to know the truth for our armor costumes.
For example,Transformers Bumblebee adults costume,the production process as follow:
1.We need to choose the suitable material,usually,we will advise the material according to the clients’ usages.If they are use it for parties,events,or something like rental,performance.EVA is ok.This kind material is light and have a good hardness(in general,we use 60 degree hard).What is more.it is easy to repair it.
2.Then we will stripping and slicing,especially for breastplate , arms and legs
3.After that we need to split joint and stick all pieces,and make the model.
4.Then polish all surface
5.The most important part is painting and coloring,it will be painted more than 5 times
6.And then we will install led light(you can demand how many led lights you want to install and where to add)
6.Next step we will produce the costume accessories
7.After finish the costume,we will make the quality check again

That is a right process of production.Almost process is handmade.The workers must have rich experience for making and painting.It need a big patience and mature technology.