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How to do a funny activity with our Bumblebee costumes

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-03-22
Yesterday we had a funny activity for our Adult Transformers Bumblebee costume 4 plus.
It have two parts,we recorded the video in our office and held a party with Bumblebee.And other part is in outdoor activity.The bumblebee held some rose flowers in hands and chose five people to send his wishes.It is very funny and people all like this big boy who appeared suddenly.

So it comes true our imagination,when a Bumblebee appears in your real life.It is more amazing and like a surprise.

I believe it can get a better effect you it appears in road,in school,in shop,in exhibition,in party and so on.If you need attract people attention,choose us is a right decision.