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Have you ever hear the robot sound and do you want to own one?

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-02-28
Hello ,everybody.This is Junli Lisaurus group,a professional factory to produce the cosplay costumes armor(such as Adult Transformers Bumblebee costume,Adult Transformers Optimus Prime costume,Iron man cosplay costumes) and realistic dinosaur costumes etc... 

Here we have a good new want to share with you.It is also our a big progress for armor costumes:our cosplay suits armor can make a sound,The language can be make as you want.Such as the Transformers cosplay adults costumes,you can record the sound in advance,or just say what you want by using the loudspeaker.Its sound will be like in the movie Transformers. 

As many clients ever asked us,did your costume can make the sound,we thought it and improved them.I believe this time,you will be more satisfied with our armor cosplay costumes.