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Happy Day for team Travelling

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-11-23

Today is our employees care,Because we achieved our slaes the target of this month in advance,our manager take us to the Mount QingCheng to travel.It is our famous places in Sichuan.And it is close to our city Chenddu.We climbed the mountain top and have a great picnic on there.

Actually,because of the Halloween and Christmas Day,the orders are too many in the period, for Transformers costumes orders,dinosaur costume orders and other customized products and we are all focus on the work and clients service with high highly concentrate mind.And it is a good chance to relax our spirit.Here are some pictures.


I always think I am so lucky to join such a kind,optimistic and united team.And hope you can know about us and our company culture.I believe the spirit of team is a company real soul.