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Good feedback from our client with the custom Bumblebee costume

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-03-21
As you know ,Bumblebee costume is always our hot product.We can custom as you want.Last week I just finished a new order for our custom Transformers adult Cosplay Bumblebee suits.And my client give me his feedback picture,he told me it is good product and he love it.

Actually this Bumblebee costume is customized as he want.We change its color to be their product color.And it is custom as their performer detail body size,When the performer wear it,it can be 2.5m tall,it is really cool,right?

Actually,our adult Bumbleblee costume and Optimus Prime costume often be bought as an outfit suits.If you saw the movie Transformers,you can know that,the bumblebee is an Autobot Officer under Optimus Prime.They are good partner for fighting and protecting the human being.About their more feedback you can visit on our Transformers good case and also have more ideas about how to use the Bumblebee costumes.