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EVA walking dinosaur armor costumes for cosplay

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-02-15

Here is our February new product:EVA armor dinosaur costumes.They are made based on the cartoon characters images. 

We can customize various of dinosaur types,such as T-REX walking dinosaur costumes,led light dinosaur with two heads Raptor dinosaur and so on. Also when people wear it,it can walk,move head,swaying tail,open and close the mouth and so on.Even we can customize the movements what you want the dinosaur costume do. 

Its main material is EVA and has many led lights, when night is coming,it will look super cool and shinny.It super fit for various of parties,events,especially the Bar,night club or some night performance road show etc... 

If you are interested in our EVA armor dinosaur suits,please contact us.We are happy to introduce them carefully.