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Do you want own an unique costume with excellent designs

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-01-25
Lisaurus company has established since 1999,as of today,we already have two factories,One is professional to make and design the armor costumes(almost based on the hot film characters),and another is professional to produce the dinosaur costume,animatronic dinosaur,animatronic animals,animals replica,dinosaur skeleton,animals sculptures and so on.All products whatever armor Cosplay suits or dinosaur products we all can 100% custom.This is also our Lisaurus biggest core competitive. 

Why,that is because we have a excellent and rich experience designers and engineers team,What ever dinosaurs or armor,we can customize as you demands or your ideas.Actually,just provide us the images or your some thoughts what you want,our designers make the design paper of the products in first,We will begin to produce when yo are satisfied with it.So far,we already design more than 300 products for our clients.How about you?Do you want an unique costume or  dinosaur to attract all people’s attention?Come on,Just contact us,we are always committed to make your any imaginations come true.