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Do you want a costume which can speak robot language

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-05-06
Good weekend! Today I have a good news want to share wuth everyone.Our all cosplay costumes can be put in the audio. That means our all armor costumes can be wearable with the transform sound. Especially Transformers armor costumes,such as Bumblebee costume,Optimus Prime costume, Megatron costume and so on.Actually our transform sound exactly study for them.You can visit our videos and to know its information.

I am proud of our designer and engineer department,they reall have a professional and excellent design and study ablity.And also I am more confident for our all costumes,and believe our costumes  can bring you the biggest satisfaction.

Custom costumes are always our biggest advantage, if any idea you have about the costume,just tell us,I are always committed to make your any ideas come true.