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Dinosaur egg appeared in Zigong city,China?

  • Author:Emily
  • Source:Huaxi News
  • Release on :2017-04-20
Dinosaur egg appeared in Zigong city,China?
The expert checked the authenticity and explained.

Recently, 5 workers found some products similar to dinosaur eggs in Daan Area,
Zigong city.Our experts immediately went to this area and made investigation after get such news.
Dinosaur egg place
After verify through investigation,the expert confirmed such materials are tubercles.These so-called "dinosaur eggs" are actually deposited or deposited by sediments, in a long diagenetic process through the aggregation of chemical action, by some or several minerals gathered to grow into the "tuberculosis." The expert said,it was first time to find such large and pieces tubercles in Zigong area. This is of great significance to study the formation and geological features of the area.
After the end of this investigation, the dinosaur museum collected some tuberculosis,and they would be appeared in future science activities, let the public understand the true and false dinosaur eggs as dinosaur egg fossil control group.
Dinosaur egg

Although they are not reality dinosaur egg,our company could offer the animatronic dinosaur egg for your artist.They are very popular in dinosaur park accessories.Also It has a great value in cultivation of dinosaurs.