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Dinosaur comes out of closet at South Africa university

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Release on :2016-10-05

Dinosaur comes out of closet at South Africa university

Palaeontologists in South Africa have discovered the fossil of a previously unknown dinosaur dating back 200m years. It was found not on a remote desert plain but in a university storeroom.

The specimen had been collected in the late 1930s and for decades it remained hidden among the biggest fossil collection in the country at Wits University in Johannesburg.

More recently it was considered to represent the remains of another South African dinosaur, Aardonyx. But when palaeontologists Dr Alejandro Otero and Emil Krupandan visited the university to look at early sauropodomorph dinosaurs – mostly herbivores with long necks – they saw the bones did not match.

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