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Custom super man robot costume of transformers,iron man,star wars movie

  • Author:Rose
  • Release on :2017-06-10
In the early years, several films swept the world.They are Transformers,Iron Man,Star Wars,Alien vs Predator.In these movie,there have many fans all over the world. Many cosplay exhibition are held in various place of the world. People will make super man costume what they like by themself.In order to meet the preferences of many people, we produce a variety super man costume of famous movie heroes.Such as Optimus prime, Bumblebee, Predator, Megatron, Alien and Alien queen etc. If you like other superman, we also can customize according your requests. You only need provide your idea or design paper to us.

The following are parts of our design.

Bumblebee 4 plus+ costume
bumblebee cosplay costume
Classic Couple
the couple of optimus prime and bumblebee 4