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Chinese Lantern Festival

  • Author:Lisa Tang
  • Release on :2017-01-30
Lantern festival is very special events in zigong city, which is design and produce by some local factory. 
our factory is one of supplier for this events this year, our designer make a special dinosaur boat. 
There are thousands people here visit lantern festival during Chinese New Year, most of people are from other province and city, also some foreigners from other countries. 
We already help many overseas clients open their lantern festival, wedesign, produce and install for them. of course we share market planwith them in order to help their festival. 

From 2017, we will keepexport this very special and traditional lantern festival.

Junli Lisaurus always work for our clients with trustworthy products and service, we always believe win win business can be longer and healthy. our main products is kinds of dinosaur products and armor costume. adult realistic  dinosaur costume and transformers bumblebee costume are our hot sale products in 2016.