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Beauty and the Beast

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-03-19
Today I saw a movie called Beauty and the Beast.It tells a love story,about a kind beauty save a selfish and irritable prince.

It comes from Walt Disney and has a high revivification. The leading role are Emma Watson and Dan Stevens who have a good performance,and they are really really beautiful and handsome.I am touched for the beast and beauty real love and trust love can wins anything. It is also the truth, at last,they have a big happy ending.

Actually,after watching this movie,I am interested in that beast figure. Maybe we also make the beast costume so that everyone can be a beast and wait for his girl to save him. A romantic idea,right?

As you know,we already have a the Transformers costumes, Iron man costumes, Star wars costumes and so on. Especially ,the adult Bumblebee costumes and Adult Optimus prime Transformers cosplay costumes are our hottest sale costumes. They all are come from the movies. I think the beast also can be another hot sale suit. How do you think? Are you interested in it?