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Animatronic animals

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2016-11-14

Today our factory just finish a series of animatronic animal:horse,it looks vivid,and has various of movements.Almost of them main material is fiberglass,and we can customized as clients demands.Actually we can do various of simulation animals.We have professional designer team for the simulation anmatronic animals,only give us your ideas,we can do it for you.We have rich experience for that,such as simulation bear,animatronic lion,tiger,dinosaur,giraffe and so on,even we can design some movements for them.


For this basic,we ever help many client to design their dinosaur theme park or amusement park,from market survey to the park arrangement,we have a planning team for clients and let them to use it without any annoyance.We will try our best to let every client to know:we are the best choice to cooperate partner in China.