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About the accessories of Transformers armor costumes

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-05-23
Some clients don’t know what accessories we can provide in the Transformers costumes.Here I am happy to explain for you.
1.We will send you a black tight suit.Then it won’t show your skin when you wear it.
2.We will send you repair tools for free.Then when it has some damage on its skin,you canrepair it by yourself.
3.Our all costume can be with a tranform sound.It can change your sound to be a robot voice.It is also a new function for our all Transformers costumes.
4.About the led lights,we can totally add the led light as you want.It is no problem,you can tell me you want to add the led light on which part of the costumes,and then we do as your demands.

Any more details demands you can contact our sales consultant.For now,transformers Optimus Prime costume,Bumblebee costume and Megatron costume 5 are our main products.Welcome to know more them by us.