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About our 2.5m tall costumes questions from clients

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-05-25
Some clients who ever imported or inquired our costumes should know that,we have the higher version costumes.Especially Transformers costumes are popular.Many clients want a higher armor costumes when he wear it.

In general,The highest costumes we ever did is 2.6m,the performer is also high,he is 195 cm.In general our costumes fit for 175-185cm people to wear,also we can custom according to your body size.It will looks cooler if the performer is higher.

For its stabilization and flexibility,we advise 2.5m is good.If do a higher costume,maybe the performer can not move as he want.

So about the higher version,you can require the height below 2.5m.More demands just contact our sales consultant.
Here are some higher version armor costume,2.5m Transformers Optimus Prime costume,2.5m Transformers Bumblebee costume,2.5m Transformers Megatron costume.