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A big Technological innovation for the animatronic walking dinosaur car

  • Author:Charlotte Bai
  • Release on :2017-03-30
Today we have a good news want to s hare with you.Our new animatronic walking dinosaur car was finished.It is not just a new dinosaur product,also is an innovation on technology.In the dinosaur industry,how to make its movements faster and more flexible is always our problem.We already studied this project for two years and finally we succeed.

As the picture show and video shows,this is an animatronic Triceratops dinosaur walking car,but not only just Triceratops,we can custom any dinosaur who is walk by four legs on the ground.People will sit on its abdomen to control its movements,sound,directions and speed.It has a flexible natural movements with a dinosaur sound.

Do you like it?Do you want to be dinosaur master,then contact us!Lisaurus is always committed to make your any ideas come true.