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<Avengers: Endgame>Take stock of these fierce heroines-continued2019-05-07

<Avengers: Endgame>Take stock of these fierce heroines-continued Althugh Marvel's superhero movies are almost dominated by men, there are still girls ...More

<Avengers: Endgame>Take stock of these fierce heroines!2019-05-03

Avengers Endgame: Take stock of thesefierce heroines! Avengers: the end game has finallyarrived! In addition to the familiar iron man, captainAmerica,...More

Wish all of our clients happy mother`s day.2019-05-12

Wish all of our clients happy mother`s day. Nobody can take your part in my heart, Mom,wherever youare, I will always love you! Mom, your love is just...More

New alien sodier costume have beed finished , will send out tomorrow to The European.2019-05-08

New alien sodier costume have beed finished , will send out tomorrow to The European. &ensp;&ensp;Alien&ensp;costume&ensp;is&ensp;our&ensp;star&ensp;p...More

Lisaurus company holiday notice2019-01-22


I wish my friends happy Christmas2018-12-21

The lisaurus company wishes friends a happy Christmas and wants to make things happen. More

Interesting Iron Man vs. Optimus Prime2018-12-03

At the end of 2018, we directed the self-directed Optimus Prime Iron Man, hahaha. . . Music broke all of us Iron Man and Optimus Prime version of Tita...More

The good news is coming! robot armor discount!2018-10-15

Professional robotic clothing production company Make a Christmas robot costume for kids and yourself. More

Celebrate National Day2018-09-29

I wish the great motherland a long live and wish all the people a happy holiday Our motherland celebrates its 69th birthday, and we will have a 7-day ...More

Share wedding custom dress it is very beautiful2018-08-13

Share wedding custom dress it is very beautiful, custom robot costumes, wedding ceremony are very popular in our customer, let the party was very succ...More

Robot costumes to participate in the festival parade2018-08-10

Custom clothing festival celebration, very perfect! Bring a lot of joy to others and the children, Quick to festivals, for themselves and their childr...More

Customised robot fashion show for store opening2018-08-09

Customers to our company's robot clothing very satisfied, will he shops opening celebration photos to share, we are very happy We come together and h...More

Robot armor customer feedback - the children's party2018-08-03

Children are our angel, lovely and clever, they are curious about what more! On heroes, robots, animals they particularly like. Our customer is for th...More

Customers visit the company2018-07-20

Customers visit the company to understand the products More

I salute the World Cup, my youthful faith, our heroes, and I look forward to seeing you in four year2018-07-19

1998, 2018, 20 years!A thousand thoughts!Remember that clear young self!Zidane!Ronaldo!Jas. Kay!Pogba!Mbaperezmann!Modric!Only deschamps witnessed and...More

Russia's World Cup in France at the top of the top football again2018-07-16

4 beat Croatia, a top Russian unbeaten in the summer, the average age of 32 strong second-smallest in France, with not enough gorgeous but absolutely ...More

The sadness of Croatia?2018-07-13

On July 13 - Russia's World Cup finals will take place between Croatia and France, and according to the daily mail, Croatia international perry, may m...More

15 football carnival night, champion belong to?2018-07-12

Are two teams after the World Cup top for a long time, all of the cup is full of enthusiasm. Who do you hope to get the title?? I hope is Croatia Why ...More

Haha, France is already in the final2018-07-11

France reach the final 12 years later: after defeating Belgium, France advanced to the final 12 years later, one step short of winning the World Cup 2...More

Belgium vs. France, the big matchup2018-07-10

Football man's movement, full of blood and sweatMore