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Notizie internazionali

<Avengers: Endgame>Fai il punto su queste feroci eroine!2019-05-03

Avengers Endgame: Take stock of thesefierce heroines! Avengers: the end game has finallyarrived! In addition to the familiar iron man, captainAmerica,...Di più

La Coppa del Mondo russa in Francia è di nuovo in cima alla classifica2018-07-16

4 beat Croatia, a top Russian unbeaten in the summer, the average age of 32 strong second-smallest in France, with not enough gorgeous but absolutely ...Di più

La tristezza della Croazia?2018-07-13

On July 13 - Russia's World Cup finals will take place between Croatia and France, and according to the daily mail, Croatia international perry, may m...Di più

Haha, la Francia è già in finale2018-07-11

France reach the final 12 years later: after defeating Belgium, France advanced to the final 12 years later, one step short of winning the World Cup 2...Di più

Belgio vs Francia, il grande match2018-07-10

Football man's movement, full of blood and sweatDi più

“One Belt and One Road”: Connecting China and the world2017-06-15

China is leading the effort to create the world’s largest economic platform. More than 2,000 years ago, China’s imperial envoy Zhang Qian helped to ...Di più

Congratulazioni Macron ha vinto l'elezione francese2017-05-08

Chinese president sends congratulatory message to French president-elect Chinese President XiJinping on Monday sent a congratulatory message to French...Di più

Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?2017-03-27

After two decades of development and "heartbreak", scientists are on the verge of sending missions to explore the ocean world of Europa. Could this be...Di più

Candidatura olimpica accolti da QAF2017-03-25

Before the restart of the Diamon League in Doha began, Dahlan Al Hamad, Qatar Athletics Federation (QAF) President and... .... Before the restart of t...Di più

Il finale del Film Wolverine potrebbe reinventare il genere supereroistico2017-03-23

The X-man’s swan song is a dark, melancholy film that expects us to take it seriously. The surprise is, that for the most part we can, writes critic ...Di più

Benzina prezzi salgono per il quinto mese di fila in Qatar2017-03-04

Fuel prices in Qatar will increase in March for the fifth straight month, theMinistry of Energy and Industry has announced. Starting on Wednesday (Mar...Di più

Misteri del sonno elefante ha rivelato2017-03-03

Wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal, according to a study. Scientists tracked two elephants in Botswana to find out mor...Di più

I residenti di Qatar dovrebbero portare carte d'identità 'in ogni momento'2017-02-18

Qatar ID card People living and working in Qatar mustcarry their ID cards “at all times” as proof of their identities and validresidency, the Minist...Di più

Dove andare e cosa fare per il Qatar National Sport giorno 20172017-02-12

The sixth annual Qatar National Sport Day (NSD) will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 14.Held on the second Tuesday of February every year, the public holi...Di più

Nuovo cinema per aprire in Msheireb Downtown Doha quest'anno2017-02-01

Rendering of redeveloped Musheireb district Qatar residents living near the Msheireb Downtown Doha development will see a new multi-screen cinema open...Di più

Come la città più grande del mondo stanno combattendo lo smog2017-01-23

More than three million people die from the effects of air pollution every year. But some increasingly high-tech solutions may soon help us all breath...Di più

si intende frequentare il colore Run(up coming events) a Doha 28 Jan?2017-01-18

WHAT IS THE COLOR RUN? The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and ...Di più

Louis van Gaal: manager Ex-Man Utd, Barcellona e Olanda si ritira2017-01-17

Ex-Manchester United and Netherlands boss Louis van Gaal says he has retired from coaching after a 26-year career. Van Gaal, 65, has been out of work...Di più

Calcio si sta preparando a rendere omaggio all'ex manager di Inghilterra Graham Taylor presso in2017-01-15

Taylor, who enjoyed success with Watford, Wolves, Aston Villa and Lincoln City, died aged 72 on Thursday. A minute's applause will be held before the...Di più

Più nebbia previsioni in Qatar ma meno Chengdu in questa settimana.2017-01-12

Widespread fog return to Qatar, and is expected for at least a few days stay, meteorologists warned. Morning had settled today already Misty condition...Di più