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Nuevo acabado traje de armadura de Optimus Prime. vamos a enviar a nuestro estimado cliente pronto.

Nuevo acabado traje de armadura de Optimus Prime. vamos a enviar a nuestro estimado cliente pronto. Hoy es un día maravilloso, hemos terminado un imp...

Hamad puerto de Qatar comienza aceptar buques comerciales

Hamad puerto de Qatar comienza aceptar buques comerciales Marcando un importante hito económico paraQatar, Hamad nuevos del paísPuerto de envío com...

Algunos de retroalimentación para el traje lisaurus dinosaurio de nuestros clientes

Dicen: Nos gusta Lisaurus Traje de dinosaurio realista Caminar siempre . Hoy aquí estamos felices de compartir algunos comentarios para nuestra camin...

Lisaurus Nuevos productos armadura del traje con el apoyo interior.

Lisurus Tech es un proveedor profesional y la producción de otro tipo detraje de armadura para algunos papeles en películas calientes, como Transfor...

Dinosaurio 'Romeo y Julieta' encontrado enterrado Juntos

Dinosaurio 'Romeo y Julieta' encontrado enterradoJuntos Un par dinosaurio que parece haber muertojuntos después de cortejo entre sí se ha ide...
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Noticias de la Industria

<Avengers: Endgame>Haz un balance de estas heroínas feroces -continuó2019-05-07

Althugh Marvel's superhero movies are almost dominated by men, there are still girls who don't play the role of a girl, and they are looking for actresses of different nationalities and colors to play, showing the world of Marvel movies. Today we continued counts for everyone. The rest 6 major Marvel women, although not super heroes, but their real heroic, equally beautiful and domineering.Más

Saludo a la Copa del Mundo, a mi fe juvenil, a nuestros héroes, y espero verlos dentro de cuatro año2018-07-19

1998, 2018, 20 years!A thousand thoughts!Remember that young and clear car!Zidane!Ronaldo!Jas. Kay!Pogba!Mbaperezmann!Modric!Only the deschamps have w...Más

15 noche de carnaval de fútbol, ​​¿campeón?2018-07-12

Are two teams after the World Cup top for a long time, all of the cup is full of enthusiasm. Who do you hope to get the title?? I hope is Croatia Why ...Más

Recién llegado Star Wars Movie Cosplay Disfraces2018-01-29

With the new movie,Star Wars: The Last Jedi shown,more and more people want to dress up as Storm Trooper or Darth Vader.Our company could offer you so...Más

Alien robot traje es especial diseñado para su Halloween2017-10-12

Scary alien robot costume would be perfect for your Halloween costume.We designed this Halloween costume to help you scare other people,for an evening...Más

Transformers robot trajes usados en Francia Auto Show2017-10-02

These two transformer costumes are sold to France in last month.These pictures from our customers,they wore the suits for Auto show performance,attrac...Más

Super héroe robot abejorro personajes del partido para los niños2017-09-15

Every child has a favorite character, princess or superhero.The Transformers concept is a wonderful idea for kids party or family events.This party, b...Más

Los trajes de las luces del LED hacen su funcionamiento más atractivo2017-09-01

Make more led lights in robot costumes,it would be a great ideas for you while performance in night.The full body lights would make them looks more br...Más

¿Cómo hacer que su fiesta familiar sea más única?2017-08-27

Save the world by wearing this super hero robot costume on Halloween or at playtime! Parents can dress up as Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots...Más

Los transformadores abejorro retroalimentación de rendimiento del cliente2017-08-12

Our adult theatrical transformers costume is perfect for performance wear.These costumes are really different from the conventional attire.You can tra...Más

Nuevo cambiador de voz para Lisaurus disfraces robot2017-08-04

Hello,everyone.Today we bring you a good news,our company purchased new voice changer with best prices.As we know,Bumblebee lost his voice box thanks ...Más

Disfraces de robots de Halloween que su único Halloween2017-07-15

Are you confused about your Halloween costumes? You do not have to worry anymore. Our company had made so many awesome Halloween costumes for you.The ...Más

'Best ever' view of what a dinosaur really looked like2017-07-03

A dinosaur that lived 160 million years ago had drumstick-shaped legs much like living birds, according to palaeontologists. The feathered dinosaur al...Más

Transformers: los últimos trajes de caballero robot2017-07-02

As we known,the lastest Transformers movie:The last Knight had been shown in 23th June.It is highly welcome in China.And there are so many gifts for s...Más

'Startling' dinosaur protein discovery2017-06-19

Ancient proteins dating back 195 million years have been found inside a dinosaur bone. The discovery pushes back the oldest evidence for preserved pro...Más

Call Autobots to fight with dark force in this Summer2017-06-09

Transformers: The Last Knight Coca Cola Promotion In China.In the new advertisement,Bumblebee been a superhero to save a girl in danger.Coca Cola inv...Más

Identity of famous baby dinosaur fossil revealed2017-06-02

The fossil of a baby dinosaur discovered in China more than 25 years ago has formally been identified as a new species of feathered dinosaur. The hatc...Más

¿el hombre de hierro está buscando a su novia?2017-05-30

One man dressed life size real iron man armor suit to appear in dating TV show in China.The female guest were really surprised when he appeared.He sai...Más

Festival del barco del dragón feliz2017-05-30

Dragon Boat Festival, for the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in China and the ...Más

Transformers: el último caballero de KFC promoción en China2017-05-27

Transformers: The Last Knight KFC Promotion In China.If you order set meal,you will get one Transformers cup free.It is warmly welcome for guest. As w...Más