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Unternehmens Nachrichten

Roboterkostüme zur Teilnahme an der Festivalparade2018-08-10

Custom clothing festival celebration, very perfect! Bring a lot of joy to others and the children, Quick to festivals, for themselves and their childr...Mehr

Kundengebundene Robotermodeschau für Speicheröffnung2018-08-09

Customers to our company's robot clothing very satisfied, will he shops opening celebration photos to share, we are very happy We come together and h...Mehr

Die guten Nachrichten kommen! Roboterrüstung Rabatt!2018-10-15

Professional robotic clothing production company Make a Christmas robot costume for kids and yourself. Mehr

Lisaurus company holiday notice2019-01-22



At the end of 2018, we directed the self-directed Optimus Prime Iron Man, hahaha. . . Music broke all of us Iron Man and Optimus Prime version of Tita...Mehr

Feiern Sie Nationalfeiertag2018-09-29

I wish the great motherland a long live and wish all the people a happy holiday Our motherland celebrates its 69th birthday, and we will have a 7-day ...Mehr


Dear friends, After 10 days, it will be our traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, we will enjoy a longer holiday, We will take a ...Mehr

Antworten über Kunden fragen über unsere Firmenwebseite kann Frage nicht öffnen2018-09-11

These two days have a lot of customers ask why the company's website can't open, unified reply you here, I'm very sorry, no. 8-10, the company to upgr...Mehr

Teilen Sie Hochzeitskleid es ist sehr schön2018-08-13

Share wedding custom dress it is very beautiful, custom robot costumes, wedding ceremony are very popular in our customer, let the party was very succ...Mehr

Gehen Sie zu den Chinesen - unserem Ferienort mit guten Bergen und Gewässern2018-08-06

Every summer we robot armor clothing sales team will place to travel, this summer we in the civilized world, Taoism culture mount qingcheng mountain t...Mehr

Roboterarmierung Kundenfeedback - die Kinderparty2018-08-03

Children are our angel, lovely and clever, they are curious about what more! On heroes, robots, animals they particularly like. Our customer is for th...Mehr

Kunden besuchen das Unternehmen2018-07-20

Customers visit the company to understand the products Mehr

Wir akzeptieren alle Arten von 2018 Rüstung Produktanpassung2018-07-17

We have a strong design team, can provide fine service to the customer, We can complete the dream for the custome Mehr

Neue Robotik-Kleidung2018-07-10


Verformbare Roboterkleidung2018-07-10


Optimus prime is very handsome2018-07-05


Bumblebee armor upgrade2018-07-05


Alien Xenomorph Film Cosplay Kostüme für Halloween2018-03-15

Alien Xenomorph movie cosplay costumes for sale Alien Xenomorph costumes are created by Lisaurus. There have 2 types of Alien costume. One Alien’s he...Mehr

Viele Arten Iron man, können Sie jemanden wählen!2018-03-14

As we know,Ironman is always a popular series movies,many people are its fans.Even many fans like their cosplay and their dream is to own an Ironman ...Mehr

Events Show von 2,5 Meter Transformers (Hummel und Optimus Prime) und Dinosaurier Kostüm2018-03-12

Transformers costumes show on the show A customer from French has showed 2.5 meter transformers and dinosaur costume on a big show. It was a Disney ca...Mehr