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Dinosaurian Proposal

LISAURUS-A brand established by Chengdu Junli Lisaurus Tech Co.,Ltd.we have more than 18 years rich experience in manufacturing Animatronic Dinosaurs, Animals, Robot and Fiberglass statues for Dinosaur parks,Amusement parks, Entertainment centers, Museums,Zoos...etc. 

We insist our corporate Misson as "MAKE ALL YOUR IMAGINATION COME TRUE-CREATED IN CHINA"We supply our clients one stop service from design, production,install, after service.

Proposal for Dinosaur park
if you plan to build a dinosaur park,you may need some suggestions  before you start all. Lisaurus Tech can help you choose some right and special type dinosaur when design for you. 
we will suggest you put one or two pieces walking dinosaur costume for adult , yes , sure this is very good choice . Our walking dinosaur costume can be used in many places where need attract people, you can wear our dino suit and send advertising page  at steet or shopping mall , or exhibition, in order to tell there will be a dinosaur park opened soon. we have two types walking dinosaur costume-Hidden legs suit and Open legs dino costume. really cool right?

Ok , next you may think about some Animatronic dinosaur model , which is the main part in your park. we all think so. Lisaurus animatronic dinosaur is can be customized . normally we have more than 50 types
Animatronic dinosaur model for your choice. T-rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops,Diplodocus...sometimes you do not know which one is  better. some clients will choose a T-rex as main part , yes, large T-rex. 
we have new technical this year call Pneumatic, which makes Carnivores, like T-rex much crazy. because it is controled by air cylinder not motor as regular. this new products already exported to our clients in Germany
always enjoy high phraise from them. of course you may need some special design such as dino head.

Long neck dinosaur model is also needed for a colourful dinosaur park, some of them are herbivore such as brachiosaurus. 
she is always gental and soft. your visitors will worry about such a huge monster.when they close to our model , they also will roar. so we also will suggest you put some long neck dinosaur model.

Our desgner and engineer department will accept your customized production and proposal. here we have a colorful T-rex model with new technical. but this is a strange baby without tail. 
also we pait the colour as you want. 

Also you can choose Life size dinosaur skeleton for display, which is widely used in some special part in your park . we can make whole body dinosaur skeleton and dinosaur fossil parts.
there must be a entertainment center for children and visitors. 

Of course you can choose some other topics for your park. such as Simulation animal and artificial insect. 

Finally we will make a design paper as your request as following.