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Telephone: +86-136-6626-5971
Skype: lisatang2008
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Armor Costumes Usages Proposal

Armor costumes proposal 
Lisaurus company is a professional factory to produce the armor costumes.We have professional designers team and always we are committed to make your any ideas come true.We can highly customize as your demands and designs. 

As of today, we have some classical series of amor costume:Transformers armor costume,Iron man armor costume,Star wars armor costume.Avengers armor costume,World of Warcraft armor costume,Starcraft armor costume,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles armor costume,Kamen Rider armor costume,Terminator armor costume and armor dinosaurs etc...Almost of them are designed based on the hot film characters armor and some PC game roles even some cartoons.Every roles we designed several different types so that you can choose what you like,If all are not you want,even we can design for you. 
These are just a part of our armour costumes.There are more custom costumes which we design and make as clients requirements.Their almost main material are EVA(ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer),cotton,glass fiber reinforced plastics.PU and plastic etc... 

Material  introduction: 
Material  Introduction  Features
Its full name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer,In general we use 40-60 degree hard.If you have no special demands,60 degree is best choice.
light weight,good hard(won’t hurt people body),waterproof,fireproof,milk-toast 
PU+EVA Its full name is polyurethane,this kind of material,its surface is smooth,it can get a better glossiness when paint pigment.SO we use the PU to cover the EVA,its color will looks better.
More smooth surface,longer service life,durable,light weight,good hard(won’t hurt people body),waterproof,fireproof,milk-toast,Environmental 
Plastic+EVA Plastic is harder than EVA,so If Plastic to cover the EVA,the armor will be more harder and because of its feather,when paint it, color will be more shiny and have a good glossiness and metal feeling.But also its service life is shorter,and need you to maintain it carefully. 
smooth surface,shiny color,light weight,good hard(won’t hurt people body),waterproof,fireproof,milk-toast,Environmental 

Actually,Our almost customers are do the events,activities,Parties or some stage shows or roads shows,EVA is enough,this kind of material costume price is better.And easier to maintain it. 

Proposal for using:
In General,Our armor can use in everywhere want to use and attract people attention.Accorrding to your imagination,they even can has many creative uses.For example: 
1.In general,It can be used in various of events,such as wedding,parties,road shows,exhibitions,night club and bar etc...What is more,it can get a great effect if let the performer to dance with the costumes,Our one client ever import ten Transformers costumes and Iron man armor costumes,and let them dance on the stage for an events.That performance really make the atmosphere hot and lively. 

2.For creatively usages,you can use them for some spoof shows,Our one America ever import some Star wars armor costume and spoof the passerby,when the person go to toilet,they change the scene of the outside of this toilet to a Alien scene,and let the strorm troopers stand there,Or just walk in the road and ask persons questions and scare them.they make the a big success when it make the videos uploaded on the Internet. 

3.For publicity,they attract people by our armor costumes performance,then propagandize their brand,their products or some news what they want people know.The classical use,cinema will use our armor costume to propagandize their new movie,such as Star Wars series movie,Transformers series movie and so on,they will import our costumes to perform in the cinema or let the performer to watch the movie with audience or leaflets to people.Anyway,no one will refuse a movie character kindness,right? 

4.For art performance,you can dance with them.Our armor costume is very light and can be move flexibility.So dancing is no problems.Our one England client ever import our Storm Troopers armor costumes and dance and perform on the Britain’s Got Talent.At last,they got a great success.And Four judges give them a high appraisement. 

5.For amusement park performance,As you know,we also do the dinosaurs,So some dinosaur parks will import various of armor suits to match us the dinosaurs.The superheros and Jurassic dinosaur cooperation,almost can give the visitors a different experiences.More details about the dinosaur park,you can  click on the Dinosaur proposal.Even some clients will import our costumes as their amusement park’s mascot.We  already design the mascot image for many parks.They are very satisfied with our designers. 

6.For rental,maybe some clients do the costumes rental,our costumes is durable and can be used for many years only if maintain it by good methods.So it is also a good idea to import our costumes for rental.Some events,activities,parties all need ours costumes,we already have three distributors in England,America and South Africa.We are expecting your coming.

7.For haunted house,as we all know,the haunted house need the awesome and scary effect.Our cosplay armor costumes are a good choice.We can design some awsome and new costumes,and help clients get a bigger success,such as,our predator armor,or Aliens armor costumes are all good products.