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During Production

Dinosaur producing technique flow

Our dinosaur products including dinosaur costume and animatrinoc dinosaur model , which has similar products process .

1.We need Steel Frame Model after drawing ,

2.Modeling of the sponge (It is the most important step for our vivid and realistic dinosaur model, simulation dinosaur always focus on surface treatment ).

3.Carving texture (lisaurus dinosaur suit and life size dinosaur model is both 100% handmade );

4.Silicone glue and elastic fibers(in order to make sure our hot sale dinosaur model has a better surface and easy for painting);

5.More than 6 times painting (vivid dinosaur products will be finished after this painting , which makes walking dinosaur costume for adult has real skin );

6.Quality test (our technicians will wear every piece no matter if it is the hot T-REX COSTUME, YES for every piece we will test )

Armour costume producing technique flow

1.We will choose the right EVA material,in general,the hardness of EVA is 60 degree,also if you want softer,40-60 degree you can choose what you want.

2.Then we will stripping and slicing,especially for breastplate , arms and legs

3.After that we need to split joint and stick all pieces,and make the model.

4.Then polish all surface

5.The most important part is painting and coloring more than 5 times

6.And then we will install led light(you can demand how many led lights you want to install and where to add)

6.Next step we will produce the costume accessories

7.After finish the armor costume,we will make the quality check again

We have the most strict attitude and carefully text carefully with quality of the products,Your sactisfaction is our biggest aim.