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After production

About Our QC Department
The main functions of our quality control department: 
1.To organize the planning,implementation,supervision and evaluation of our company quality management system. 
2.To organize and implement the product test for raw material,Purchased parts; carry out the self-made parts inspection and armour&dinosaur costume's Wear resistance test and compression test. 
3.Responsible for arrangements and coordination works of product authentication. 
4.Organizing Lisaurus' internal relevant departments to review for nonconforming products and aim at the key reason which causes the problem then correct it. 
5.Lisaurus QC department is always Responsible for overall management of quality record conducting regular assessment and quality analysis. 
6.Our QC department conscientiously supervises for the quality inspection work of all Lisaurus products all the time.

How do we pack: 
We have professional packing personel to minimize the packing fee and packing space. 
The first picture is about the packing of armour costume.It depends on specific circumstances to choose whether we use carton or wooden box.and  we put foams inside the boxes to safely protect products.
The second picture is about packing of dinosaur products.we according to the concrete condition to choose Flight case or Wooden case and we adopt preservative film to package the dinosaur product itself.

Bill of lading and Invoice demonstrates:

In the process of trade and production, we adopt legal formal documents to protect the interests of both parties. 
All conventions are carried out on the basis of equality, freedom and mutual benefit. 

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