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Transformers Bumblebee costume case

In Russia:

>>This is a client from Russia,he is full of imagination and positive and owned a company which is professional to hold the parties for kids,such as the kids school activities and kids birthday parties etc...He loves children and want to bring more happiness to them,then he come up with a good idea:to hold the transformers theme party.As we all know,every child love the transformers toys,the how they will be happy when the transformers appeared in their real life!He did it.

We are also happy that we can help you,Transformers costumes are correctly our star products,and very popular in Russia,As a matter of course,we have a very nice cooperation and be good friends with each other.

>>Russia client who work in school and are in charge of the extracurricular activity of children,he planed to hold an activities for kids and import Transformers  Bumblebee 4 Plus for them,after got it,he emails me,He is very satisfied with them,children all like it and called him  uncle bee.

In German:

>>This German client who has a night club and planed to hold a hot night party,he did it.He ordered the Transformers Bumblebee costume and Optimus Prime costume from us and customized some demands,such as installing more the led lights on the different parts of the robot costumes.They looks cool when the night comes.As the pictures are the night party situation,I am regret that I have no method to take part in this kind of party which is such a hot,high and crazy party,and there is no doubt that the transformers costumes really played important roles in it.

In Chile:
This Chile client who owned an event planning company and imported Bumble bee armor costume 4 plus and Optimus Prime costume,we can find that he used them in widely range,for kids party,for wedding,for street performance and propaganda,for adult hot party etc...He told me the these funny armour costumes brought more orders for him. People all like them and to take photos with them.Especially for parties,they always can promote hot atmosphere,he even regret that he didn’t import more costumes.
For kids party:

For wedding:

For street performance and brand propaganda:

For adult hot party:

In Vietnam: 
This Vietnam client who owns a toy store,he planed to hold an activity and make a promotion which theme is Transformers.So he imported a armour Bumblebee costume and Optimus Prime costume from us.Actually,at the beginning,he thought our costume are too expensive, after he talked with other company sales consultants,he came back our company.Because his costumes need customized as his performers body size,what is more,he thought our type looks better.At last,he got a great effect in that promotion.And now ,he often rents them to the emporium and gets a good success. 

In French: 
This client do the costumes rental,sometimes will do some events planning.He imported the transformers costume from us at the first order.And he is satisfied with our quality and service.Now he want to be our distributor,he told me our costumes are very popular in French,often they are not enough to rent.and many people need to line up to rent the transformers  costume.So he plan to import more costumes from us and want to develop a new project.
For kids party:

For night club and auto show:

For rental to do the street activities,shop promotion and opening ceremony:

In Spain: 
This Spain client do the events planning and armor costume rental,he likes our costumes very much also they bring more benefit to him,Since imported our Transformers costumes,more people are willing to cooperate with him and rent him costumes,he told me,even though he rent one costume for  50 dollars once a time,it still not enough for clients,usually people need to wait several days to get them.And now he plan to import more costumes from us. 

In England: 
This client own a theme dinning hall,for celebrate the Christmas Day,he import an Bumblebee costume from us,he held a party in his dinning hall at that day,and got the great enthusiasm from people.

In Germany:
This client who comes from Germany,He did a exhibition and wants to custom a 2.5m tall adult Bumblebee costumes performance to attract people attention.We change its color to be orange as their products color.And now he is satisfied with our Bumblebee.

In Mexico:
This client who buy the Bumblebee for various of parties,events.He like it very much and share his pictures and videos with us.

awesome robot cosplay costume

In France:

Customer comments:
Bonjour je passe pour vous dire que les costumes Robots commence à sortir dans les prestations les clients sont très très contant et les gens n'en reviennent pas je vous envoie quelques photos

transformers robot costume